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HESHAN GREEN CHARM ADHESIVES CO.,LTD. is a professional engaged in the the finishing water-based adhesives, water-based varnish, R & D, production and sales, as well as technology overall program suppliers.

The R & D center and production center is located in the the Heshan printing base --- Longkou Hing Industrial Area. The plant covers an area of ㄠ ,000 M2, has two production lines, the annual production capacity of up to 7,000 tons.

All along, the company attaches great importance to the molecular chemical products and research and development. The company has a professional R & D staff of more than R & D strength. Team leader Mr. Li Jiangyong, is not only a well-known industry veteran, and its very keen insight on the market, the product, the product developed by the company more responsive to market demand.

The layout of the market is a forward-looking. Not only attaches importance to the development and stability of the expansion of the domestic market, but also has been involved in the foreign markets. Heshan know ink printing adhesive Materials Co., Ltd., as a professional postpress sticky and and Varnish processing as a whole program suppliers, not only to provide high quality products, more importantly, to provide professional quality value services.

The company uses the latest in technology, selection of domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials, professional development and production Midorigawa brand products. Great emphasis and attention to production management. The production process as much as possible to do scientific and quantitative indicators, in order to ensure long-term stable product quality. All products are series of standards promulgated by the People's Republic of China on the implementation of production and testing, and quality to meet the domestic and international industry standards, all the products get SGS certification.

We believe that a good product and quality service, will be able to enhance customer value, our efforts to achieve the goal - to provide quality products and quality service, and customer win-win situation.

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